Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully, they form the basis of the contract between Skewer Limited (Skewer) and yourself.

1) Due to the specialist nature of the products provided by Skewer the terms and conditions herein form part of the binding contract between Skewer and the customer. The placing of an order with Skewer is deemed as full understanding and agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.


2) Due to graphic designs being created to individual spec, full payment in advance must be received before the graphics are produced. In the case of payment by personal cheque, payment is deemed to be the point at which the cheque has cleared. In the case of payment by bank transfer, payment is deemed to be the point at which the balance has appeared in Skewer's account.

3) Graphic designs and templates remain the intellectual property of Skewer.

4) Graphics are designed and sized in accordance with advice given by the customer. When such advice is not given Skewer reserves the right to make the necessary decisions with regard to size, shape, fit and colour as deemed appropriate and the customer will not hold Skewer liable for any differences in spec to those expected by the customer.

5) Skewer accepts no returns of graphics damaged by incorrect fitment, mishandling, acts of nature and so forth. In the case of mishandling by courier/post office, the customer shall seek any recovery of monies from them and not Skewer.

6) Once graphics are fitted no returns will be accepted by Skewer.

7) Returns of graphics are subject to the greater of a 20 pounds or 10% restocking fee. Where the total cost of the graphics is less than 20 pounds the restocking fee shall be 70% of the total cost.

8) Cancellation of graphics kit orders prior to shipment from Skewer are subject to the greater of a 10 pounds or 5% cancellation fee. Where the total cost of the graphics is less than 10 pounds the restocking fee shall be 70% of the total cost.

9) Estimates of delivery times are made on a best endevours basis and Skewer is not liable for any delays or losses caused to the customer in the case of deliveries beyond the extimated dates/times.

10) Quotes given prior to payment for graphics are subject to changes and are not taken as final price until payment is made. Any such notice will be given by email and the sending of the email from Skewer will be deemed as acceptence of the changes by the customer.

11) Further to Clause 10, Skewer reserves the right to change the final price after initial payment has been made and prior to shipment if it is deemed necessary by Skewer to do so. This applies to both increases and reductions of price.

12) The customer understands that fitting instructions given by Skewer are guidelines only. Skewer specialises in the design and production of the graphics and advises the customer to seek fitting advice or services from experienced professionals.

13) The customer agrees that Skewer shall not be held liable for any damages or losses to the customer caused by the installation, application or removal of its graphics.


14) All text and images used on are owned by Skewer and liable to copyright laws. Should anyone wish to use any of the images or text on the site prior agreement must be saught from Skewer.

15) The information on the website is liable to amendment and addition at any time without prior notice. Specification of products may change at any time through continuing advancement in methods and procedures and Skewer is not liable for any inacuracies on the content of the website.


16) Skewer currently accepts payment via cash, personal cheque, by debit and credit cards through the Paypal service or online banking money transfer. The customer understands and agrees that Skewer is not liable for any losses of monies due to problems experienced by these services outside of Skewers control and undertakes to reimberse Skewer for any such losses should Skewer deem it necessary to do so.

17) If the customer seeks reimbersment of monies for returns/cancellation through the Paypal service, the customer accepts all costs placed upon them by Paypal for the acceptance of such monies.

18) Skewer reserves the right to withhold reimbersment for returns/cancellation until such time that it is satisfied that the above clauses relating to such returns/cancellations are met in full by the customer.


19) Skewer is a registered company in England and Wales. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law and industry custom and practice, and English courts shall have sole jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising therefrom. In respect of Internet sales, jurisdiction or the agreement shall be with English Law.

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When it comes to fitting graphics, and what to do if it goes wrong, a certain amount of common sense applies. To ensure you have the best chance of applying graphics without any issues and without any future problems make sure you check out the FITTING GUIDE if you're unsure of anything.

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