Custom Designed Vinyl Graphics

Custom graphics

No Monkey Business

Custom vinyl graphics have been Skewer's core product since day one back in '03, and since then the emphasis has always been on quality, value for money and good service. The quality starts with the artwork; time is taken to ensure the fine details of logos and designs are perfect. If it's meant to be straight, it is straight - such that a graphic could be blown up to the size of a house and would still be spot on. Think of it as high definition artwork! Apply this to good quality vinyl and the care taken in preparation and the finished result, whether it be for your project car, club, business, laptop case, windows, van or anything else you can think of, ensures you're happy with your graphics. Have a look through the pictures to see examples of previous work with various types of graphics, from full body WRC replica decals to a logo on a selfie stick...

Full Vehicle Graphics

Nothing beats a set of vinyls to dramatically change the appearence of your vehicle in a quick, low cost, easily reversible way. And if you cover the whole vehicle that impact is full on. Once you're in touch with Skewer for your graphics, the process of creating them is dynamic - we discuss your requirements and ideas, whether they be clearly defined or lose imaginings, then create and tweak as necessary before agreeing on the design. Then it's simply a case of producing the design and getting it to your door. .

Club Graphics

Skewer has been providing various clubs with member graphics for many years, offering the benefits of bulk purchase to keep unit price to a minimum, whether it's an order for 10 graphics, or 100, or a 1000. Another useful option is to have members contact Skewer directly for custom versions of the graphics; different colours, fitment, or with the inclusion of member names and so forth. Also when combined with orders for other logo graphics or similar everything can be done from the same colour/vinyl giving a professional, unified look. Get in touch and see if Skewer can help your club.


Skewer has been providing many business in various industries with vinyl graphics throughout its history. Starting from small promotional graphics passed out with orders, through to larger advertising graphics, property signage, van signage, sponsored vehicles and company show cars, the options here are vast. Skewer has also helped companies with logo designs, which has naturally progressed to the Branding services that are now offered in handy off the shelf packages.

Other Graphics

Vinyl graphics have no end of uses and I can only fit so much on a page. With a little imagination you'd be surprised what Skewer can do. Here's a few more examples of other graphics Skewer has produced


Ready to post


Skewer's graphics cross borders, break down boundries, and unite the world! If you've got a postman, you can get Skewer graphics, and folks from Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand to name a few have benefited from the quality you know you'll receive when your envelope has Skewer written on it


A Little Privacy

Glass Etch Window

This customer's large stained glass edged front door window didn't offer much privacy, but with a little imagination we sorted a graphic in glass etch vinyl to make it a little harder for prying eyes to take a peek.

Project Quartz

Full Coverage

Project Quartz

Project Quartz had some rather eye catching full body graphics. Using a combination of standard matt finish colours, satin metalic bronze and reflective colours to create an award winning display. See more here.



Fitting Tips

At work

Small graphics are a piece of cake, but they get trickier as they get bigger. Check out my fitting guidelines and tips for info to get it right first time, be it a window graphic, set of door logos or full on side stripes. Skewer's graphics are provided with clear application tape, not paper, to make positioning easier, especially when it comes to larger dual, or more, colour vinyls that need laying up on the car.

Fitting Guide