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No Monkey Business

Custom vinyl graphics have been Skewer's core product since day one back in '03, and since then the emphasis has always been on quality, value for money and great service. The quality starts with the artwork; time is taken to ensure the fine details of logos and designs are perfect. If it's meant to be straight, it is straight - think of it as high definition artwork! Apply this to good quality vinyl and the care taken in preparation and the finished result is always spot on, whether it be for your project car, club, business, windows, van or anything else you can think of. Skewer has you covered.

Skewer In-House Liveries

Skewer's flagship service; bring your car down and have a custom design created and fitted for you. The latest wrap vinyls allow for more options when designing and fitting a livery, whole sections can be wrapped prior to the rest of the graphics being applied, giving sensational results. Bring your car to Skewer for the best of the best, including paintwork preparation, fitting, finessing and a finishing detail using Soft99's best vinyl safe products. Here's a few more pics and details from some of the completed liveries.

This smart GR Yaris came in for a full Marlboro themed livery, The white sections were wrapped before the logos were added.

Marlboro Yaris

This Integra Type R had a full Forza style livery, with many wrapped elements needed prior to the logos going on.

Forza Integra

A second livery for Project Moo, this time with a retro red, orange and yellow design modernised using metallic wrap vinyls.

Project Moo

Silver and carbon Supra in for a Red Bull livery, partial wrapping of carbon parts highlighted them before adding the design.

Red Bull Supra

A modern classic HKS themed livery for this Supra using a current mk5 Supra design as inspiration, plus customised logos.

HKS Supra

Limited Edition TRD 3000GT Supra in for Advan style wrap/livery, a nice alternative using the white base instead of black.

Advan Supra

Other Full Liveries

There's more! Here's a few more pics of liveries supplied by and/or fitted in house

Clubs, Groups and Business Graphics

Skewer has been providing various clubs with member graphics for many years, offering the benefits of bulk purchase, whether it's an order for 10 graphics, or 100, or a 1000. The same can be said for business promotional graphics, whether cut or printed, which benefit from being done in large numbers. Business graphics can also encompass vehicle liveries, magnetic removable signs, shop front or workshop graphics, and more.

Off the shelf Graphics

After over 20 years in business Skewer has created many smaller graphics for customers. Some have been more popular, such as re-creating oem decals no longer available, and other make/model specific graphics and decals. A number of these are now available in the shop. Here's some examples of those

Other Custom Graphics

Many other small decals have been made over the years, including custom sunstrips, one off event graphics, graphics for motorbikes and pushbikes, posters, and much more.

As you've seen, Skewer does everything from the largest to the smallest, with a growing number of items for sale directly from the online shop. However, the nature of custom graphics and decals is such that most products are made to order, and to your individual spec. So, get in touch today with your requirements, needs, ideas, wishlist, etc. and let Skewer make it a reality


Ready to post


Skewer's graphics cross borders, break down boundries, and unite the world! If you've got a postman, you can get Skewer graphics, and folks from Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand to name a few have benefited from the quality you know you'll receive when your envelope has Skewer written on it


Signature Decal

Mook Signature

When you bring your vehicle to Skewer for a full livery you will get the signature decal at the bottom of or below the rear screen; Graphics by Mook. Only vehicles receiving the In-House service get this, it's an exclusive club to be in


Fitting Tips

At work

Small graphics are a piece of cake, but they get trickier as they get bigger. Check out my fitting guidelines and tips for info to get it right first time, be it a window graphic, set of door logos or full on side stripes. Skewer's graphics are provided with clear application tape, not paper, to make positioning easier, especially when it comes to larger dual, or more, colour vinyls that need laying up on the car.

Fitting Guide

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Check out the online shop for off the shelf items. Look up graphics by model, or manufacturer, check out the JDM graphics, sunstrips and full liveries or the new Soft99 products available.

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Custom Apparel

Printed T-Shirt

Artwork can also be adapted for custom printed apparel, so you can wear your graphics / livery too!