Carbon Fibre

Skewer NMB

Logical progression

Carbon fibre offers that extra bit of class, that nod to the high tech racing world, that marks it out as something a bit special. First used to make up an engine bay panel, Skewer has been using carbon fibre sheet with custom designed graphics for a number of years now. What better way to celebrate that fact than to give it it's own unique identity of Phantom Works and let you know that when you buy Skewer's carbon products you're in a rather special club.

A little imagination

Thus far Skewer has used flat carbon sheet for engine bay panels, number plates and decorative interior panels. But for whatever purpose, if it's flat, it can be made in carbon! Dashboard panels, spoiler end trims, mounting plates, all it needs is a little imagination, some measurements or a template, and it can be done.

In Action

Project Rufus

Skewer's Project Rufus utilises a fair bit of carbon, with a number of panels in the engine bay, front and rear number plates, and soon a decorative panel in the boot. Check out more pics on the Project page.

Project Rufus See More

And More

You can just see it

Micro carbon panel

It might only be 5cm square, but it still counts - removed a button from Rufus's centre console and filled the gap will a micro carbon panel. Still needed measuring, cutting to size and applying. Just the job