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Logical progression

Carbon fibre offers that extra bit of class, that nod to the high tech racing world, that marks it out as something a bit special. First used to make up an engine bay panel, Skewer has been using carbon fibre sheet with custom designed graphics for a number of years now. What better way to celebrate that fact than to give it it's own unique identity of Phantom Works and let you know that when you buy Skewer's carbon products you're in a rather special club.

Number plates

Skewer's carbon number plates help you stand out from the crowd. The graphic is laid over the carbon so the weave shows through, deep and dynamic. Standard and custom sizes can be made, different designs, text, logos and full on show plates. These can be made for other countries as well as the UK, plates have been made for customers in France, Germany and Norway thus far. All plates are sold as show plates but follow the visual regulations where required so can be driven every day on the road.

GT-Four Charge Cooler Panels

The Toyota Celica GT-Four carbon fibre charge cooler panel is a staple of Skewer's carbon offerings, and are now available in the online shop. Made from 1.8mm 5 ply pre-preg 2x2 twill sheet, and now also forged carbon, onto which the graphic is laif before finishing with several coats of lacquer and polished prior to sending out. Here's a few examples.

Other Panels, Plates and Badges

In addition to the charge cooler panels above, other smaller panels and panels and badges can be made, both for the engine bay and the exterior ot interior of the car. Inlet manifold badges are popular, as are the engine type badges that sit on the cam cover. Other thorttle body and engine badges can be reproduced. As well as the normal number plates, full on show plates can be made. Same applies with full custom designs and sizes. Number plates can also be made for motorbikes and other vehicles.


Project Rufus

Rufus has a fair bit of carbon, including a pair of custom number plates. Front plate is a slightly reduced UK size plate while the rear is a JDM sized plate. Get in touch for your custom plates.

Project Rufus

And More

You can just see it

Micro carbon panel

It might only be 5cm square, but it still counts - removed a button from Rufus's centre console and filled the gap will a micro carbon panel

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Carbon fibre charge cooler panels available in the online shop.

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Parcel Shelf

Other panels...

Micro carbon panel

Decorative parcel shelf panel in Quartz, mounted om 10mm spacers allowing a ring of LEDs to give a nice glow around the edge at night. Integrating lighting with your carbon really tops things off.