Custom Dial Kits

Skewer NMB

We're back...

Skewer started in 2003 making dial kits before expanding into graphics and the carbon products. In that time a reputation for design prowess and quality was established. With recent advances in materials, production methods and design know how they are now back on the catalogue. Still hand made and limited to a selection of models, they are better than ever. What can we do for you...

Black and White

Initially I'll be sticking with some of the classic Jap 90's and 00's classics, including Toyota Celica Gens 5, 6 and 7, Supra mkIV, MR2 mk2 and mk3, Mitsubishi Evo 4, 5 and 6, GTO, Nissan Silvia, plus a few more. The main dial colour needs restricting to black or white, but other spot/band/ring colours can be yellow, red, green, blue and grey. Backlighting colour options are still wide ranging and designs can be anything from simple to more complex, though need to be kept within the bounds of the materials. Each set is custom made so full consultation and design process would be completed before making them up.


Here's some of the test and recent kits made up, these are all for the Gen 7 Celica...

Blast from the past

Here's some examples of previous kits for various models. These ones pictured are all doable with the current materials and options, so demonstrate some of the possibilities...

Celica Customz

Skewer has partnered with Celica Customz who provide full dash conversions for the Toyota Celica Gen 7, and soon more. This includes replacement dial faces, LED swaps, needle colour change, centre tacho gauge swaps and unit calibration. Skewer provides the dial faces for these kits and other custom kits they offer. If you need someone to fit your Skewer gauges you could always have Carl at Celica Customz do that for you. Here's some examples of his recent work

Green Light

It begins... again

Green Dials

Throughout 2020 the latest materials have been tested and proved themselves resilient. The overall number of colours is slightly limited but the benefit is long lasting dials of the quality you've come to expect from Skewer.


Clean Visuals

Supra Dials

Oftentimes the simplest of ideas is the best, it can be more eye catching keeping colours and content to a minimum. Fashion passes, but style endures. I favour clean simple lines and elegence.


Group buy scheme

group buy

Got five or more members of your club or forum interested in dials? Let me know and we can sort out a discounted group buy.