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I'm often asked how best to look after liveries and vinyl in general. The answer is Soft99! In business for three quarters of a century, Soft99 have been producing and developing industry leading car care products for years. Their products use many natural and pH neutral ingredients, which are safe for vinyl, and the environment, and work together to give unparalleled cleaning and protection. So it made perfect sense to team up. The Skewer range starts with essential products for cleaning and protecting paintwork and vinyl, and will expand to include products suited for preparation of fitting graphics and more premium protection.

Alpha Vinyl Care Set

The initial aim was to put together an essential set tailored to provide safe cleaning and protection of vinyl, which consists of the following products; Neutral Creamy Shampoo - a gentle yet effective high foam pH neutral shampoo, Fukupika Advance Strong Type - detail spray to give a protective coating, Super Cloth - quality microfiber for buffing, and Fukupika Bugs & Droppings wipes - ideal to keep in the car for quick cleaning of any anwanted feathered bombardment to keep staining at bay. This set can be purchased in the online shop, together with individual products. Customers who bring their vehicle to Skewer for a full livery will get this set upon collection, and customers who purchase a full graphics set to be sent out will be given a discount code, so not only can you get the best protection, but you can get it at the best price.

JDM Flagship

Soft99 products will be integrated into all aspects of Skewer. As well as offering the products to customers we'll be using paintwork preparation products prior to fitting liveries and protecting them after fitting, with options for premium waxes and coatings. Skewer's carbon products will also be finished with Soft99 protection. Skewer will also be adding unique and exclusive Soft99 decals to the range of JDM graphics available in the online shop, such as the JDM Soft99 Slap v1 pictured below. All orders for Soft99 products will include a free decal, larger orders will get two free decals Soft99 car care


Established 1954


2024 sees Soft99 celebrate it's 70th anniversary, seven decades of continual development and improvement reaching legendary status in the detailing world.

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