Rufus at home

Well established

Skewer provides the ultimate in cut and printed vinyl graphics, for a whole manner of applications. Started in 2003 as a hobby, now running as my full time business, you can expect quality of products, clarity of design and focussed customer service. Over the years knowledge of the design software and materials used has brought a new level of professionalism to 'stickers'! Skewer has a reputation for perfection that was hard earned and is well deserved.


Skewer started by making bespoke dial kits, but this soon expanded into vinyl graphics, and later banners, signs, wall hangings and more. If you can stick stuff to something, Skewer can help. Skewer has worked with clubs and business has now developed the Skewer Design House concept, where you can get help to create new logos, branding and identity in an 'off the shelf' manner giving you everything you need when starting a new business, or revamping a current one. Skewer's carbon fibre work, beginning with number plates, engine bay panels and other interior and exterior dress panels comes under the Skewer Phantom Works name.


Celica Castrol kit

Far and Wide

Skewer is known internationally for it's quality graphics, none more so than the Toyota Celica WRC Castrol replica kits as run in the late 80's to mid 90's, winning the Rally Championship in the hands of Carlos Sainz and others. These kits have sold throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Australia and New Zealand, and are often followed by other orders for different graphics, a testament to the quality and service given. Carbon fibre engine bay panels are now travelling worldwide also.

Test of Time

Skewer will soon be 20, which is a long time in this business. Over those years software and hardware has been kept up to date, and the quality of design work is always improving. Efficiencies mean work time is reduced which gives you the best price for your quotes. You may find cheaper elsewhere, but it's unlikely they'll put the same detail into the artwork and design, take the same care over preparing the finished product, or even still be in business if you have any further queries. Some customers have tried elsewhere, but they generally come back. Most stay in the first place, which is the aim


What to Expect

To create and produce your product, be it design images, vinyl, carbon or signage, with an eye for unique, personal design and a friendly professional service. You wont find gimmicks or offers here - just a superlative reputation that keeps customers coming back.

About Me

Left Handed

I got into the modified car scene in the mid 90's, and brimming with ideas it was a natural progression to get into graphics. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and put 100% into anything I do. This ensures graphic designs are suited to the shape and character of the car, with suitable colours and compositions optimised to give a spot on visual weight and mood to the finished article. In the end, it doesn't take long to look at something and know what will work