Fitting Guidelines


Hints and Tips

I shall add some hints and tips for fitting in due course, whether it be for small window graphics, sunstrips or larger scale graphics, there's a few ways in which you can ensure a good bubble free fit that lasts for years. Preparing the surface is key, and then, of course, applying in a warm environment free of dust and breeze if you can which will ensure the best results.

Here's one I made earlier

In the meantime, check out this quick video of me finishing off the fitting of a Castrol kit, it gives you the steps of the process and what's involved, albeit somewhat sped up!

Quick Tips

Too Cold


A common oversight is to try and fit graphics when it's too cold. Much like spray painting, you want a warm environment and a warm surface on which to fit the graphic, this ensures the vinyl stays malleable, reducing the risk of tearing, and the adhesive is able to get a good connection. If you must fit in cold conditions use hot water to warm the vehicle first and if possible use a hair drier or heat gun to keep warmth in the vinyl while fitting